ruriktochkase (rurik1) wrote,

Blowing hard in Sweden. Medicane in Greece

The winds have been blowing very hard in the North part of Sweden during past couple of days.
Many places have experienced storms, which is quite unusual for this part of autumn
because it is very early on in the season. But, it is not only the North where weather has been very unusual.
South of Sweden (where I live) has been remarkably warm, sunny and wind still.
Althought it has to be said that it is not just European North that has been experiencing
unusual weather, also the south has been hit very hard by Medicane phenomena.
Medicane is a combination of Mediterenian and Huricane, so basicly a Huricane in the Mediterenian.
It is some Italian islands and the Greek mainland that has been buring the brunt of it
and left a lot of people wondering about how it is gona be the rest of the season.
One of the reasons behind all of that unexplainable weather or at least part of it is smoke,
smoke coming to us all the way from pacific America.Wild fires in California travel
all the way from the US west coast to the north eastern Canada, just to cross Atlantic
and come over us in EU with help of jetstream.

Anyway... how is weather in your place?

Tags: blowing hard, blowing hard in sweden, in sweden, medicane, sweden, weather

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