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Sweden: “Sea to Sea”, “Black Sea to Baltic Sea”-project

Hello there, Ladies and Gents!
today I want to talk about the project off sea-to-sea area - Baltic Sea to Black Sea and arctic sea.
I understand that for many people this might be a very strange idea, but not for us who know who know history lessons geography history Very well because already some 500 years ago there was a kingdom stretching from Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea. why? why? why? How is it even possible and why are there not more people who know about it well? the reason is that it was due to the personal union under King Sigismund so it did not exist very long. But it’s foundations were laid hundreds of years before it came to existence and it’s aftermath Is still affecting our world. so who was in it ? it was kingdom of Sweden which by that time involved most of the Baltic Sea (at that time Baltic Sea was also called the Swedish sea) and it was Poland or actually Poland-Lithuania in a Kingdom.

So as you probably understand by now this area from Arctic sea to the Black Sea was based not just on idea or power grab, but it was based on existing trade routes. The same thing goes for today’s idea about this so called C2C area. Russian project is from east to west. Russian project is to unite Europe via A gas pipeline from Siberia to Germany then may be to Netherlands or even to London, but what is Swedish project ? it is north to south south to connect arctic Norway via Sweden with Poland and Croatia in one link and in the other link Odessa Poland Sweden Norway.
I understand that this idea might seem extremely unconventional for some and perhaps even to futuristic for the real world but the truth is that there are many summits meetings conferences symposiums to discuss this project on top of it all there are even Road and Railway projects that include this idea. it’s a transport corridor And civilization corridor too.
Of course in Sweden Sweden is viewed as a core of this project everything should center on Sweden this project lives and dies with Swedish interest this project is a combination off world events and opportunities that it provides end very careful planning on a giant scale. for example involving Finland in this sphere, in Swedish sphere of influence was to the large extent due to the collapse of the Soviet union. collapse of the Soviet Union provided Sweden with a unique opportunity to fill in the vacuum which was left by Russia so there was no war no force by Sweden just opportunity which Sweden was smart enough to use Finland fell into Swedish lap like an apple if you sit under a tree that was in early 90s finish economy was successfully integrated into Sweden with Stockholm being capital for Finland in many ways but if it worked so well with Finland then why not try again why not expand even more The next step what’s Baltic countries between 95 and 2000 Sweden’s most important task what’s to eat to great Baltic bank system into Sweden. Bank is blood of the economy no liquidity and economy dies no economy and the country dies so by including Baltic banks as a small part of Swedish system it also included whole Baltic area into Swedish economy one can surely say that today there is no such a thing as free Baltic bank system Baltic bank system exists only as an appendix off Swedish bank system. In the same way one cannot talk about independent Baltic economy only about Baltic economy as a part of Swedish economy this process was hard from a technical point of you but it was extremely easy from political point of you because Baltic politicians wanted to be part of Swedish bank system even more than Sweden wanted to expand to Baltic countries. The same goes for many areas in transportation and to population in some degree because no Sweden is outnumbering Baltic countries almost 2:1 it is very clear who is the leader and who is the subject.
So with the absorption of first Finland and then the Baltic countries Sweden had a very strong foundation to expand its network of bank and logistics system also into Norway. Norway is already geographically connected to Europe by land Only through Sweden there is simply no way out of Norway by land then to go through Sweden. When Norway also decided not to join the EU Sweden became even more important as a link into the EU. And with this strong Logistical connection and political connection the banking system off Sweden Just filled in the gap’s so Norway became even more connected to Sweden in early two thousands. And Denmark was more or less sucked in just by gravity of the Sweden and it’s project because if Denmark wouldn’t go with Sweden it would be crushed by a German superpower.
So as it stands today we have Sweden going towards 11 million population 5000,000 Finland 5million Norway 5 million Denmark and 6 million Baltic countries.32 or actually 33 million strong area to be exact area of a strong economic growth big wealth many projects that require large scale but very little population by European standards so economic political and Logistic expansion . Must take place according to proponents of C2C idea. To expand Nordic influence via Baltic’s to Belarus and Ukraine and second link via Poland to Croatia.
This might seem as too much ambition From Sweden by some but the truth is that Sweden Sweden has already the leading role in Belarusian opposition. Sweden had so much conflict with Belarus that there is no embassy off Belarus in Sweden add of Sweden in Minsk. Why why why?
It would be very difficult to explain it by any other way than Sweden seeing Belarus as part of its expansion zone. It does not necessarily mean that Sweden is trying to conflict with Russia not at all for example Sweden and Russia have a peaceful side-by-side relationship in Finland as long as it’s clear that Finland is in the Swedish zone of influence of course. By the same logic it would be very likely that Russia and Sweden could achieve some sort of compromise over Belarus especially since Sweden is interested mostly in western and Central Part, Not east of Belarus.
The same approach could also be adapted to Ukraine because on quite many occasions Swedish wish for compromise has been expressed. Sweden has No particular desire for conflict in Ukraine on the contrary conflict is a problem for expanding in banking sphere like Swedbank before the conflict and operating firms in agriculture like black earth mining and any big future infrastructure investment will also require peace no peace means no development no investment no economy and no interest for Sweden. So as long as Sweden sees its interests in key areas as safe such as for example Port of Odessa It will be very much in Sweden is interest to achieve peace in order to enable Arctic to Black Sea project.
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