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Победители Евромайдана: почему украинцы не хотят достать из ушей вату?

Победители Евромайдана: почему украинцы не хотят достать из ушей вату?

Ukraine migrants to EU winners of Euromaydan. Winners of Euromaydan are the ones who left Ukraine and those who want to stay in the country and complain are... loosers. More and more people are leaving Ukraine while the ones who stay are more and more often complaining about unfulfilled Euromaydan promises. In the oppinion polls wast majority of people inside Ukraine saying thta the country is going into the wrong direction. While the ones who made leap and migrated to the west over all maintain a possitive outlook on Euromaydan. There is about 45 million people in Ukraine according to Ukrainian statistics office. About a third of them are currently working/living or studing abroad. Ca. 2 million in Poland and about 3 more millions in the rest of the EU. According to UA official Kiva 11 to 12 million Ukrainians migrated to Russia since independence of Ukraine, Ukrainian culture ministery puts figure of Ukrainians in Russia at 10 million. Russian officials give figure of 6 million (citizens of Ukraine in Russia 4 mln. + 2 mln. of ethinic Ukrainians who are Russian citizens). So average number of Ukrainians in Russia is about 9 millions.
9 millions living in Russia + 5 millions living in the EU are the winners of Euromaydan because Euromaydan enabled them this move or strengthed their rights abroad as a group both in EU and in Russia.
About a million more inside Ukraine are people who clearly gained from Maydan economicly. Programers, freelancers, copy righters and other specialists who work for companies in other countries and recieve money in dollars or euros. Now, due to the fall of UA currency (hryvna) their salory are worth much more. Also there is a slim group of officers and people who gained acces to power due to Euromaydan who also became richer due to the change of power. as previosly said this group of Maydan winners inside Ukraine makes about a million out of roughly 31 million people who remain in UA.
So 14 million outside Ukraine are winners and 1 million inside out of total population of 45 million that is about one in three or every third.
One million inside Ukraine who gained due to Euromaydan and 30 millions who lost (economicly) to Euromaydan.
To stay under this conditions of deteriarating economy, lack of security, falling living standard, falling employment and falling salaries seems like utter stupidity and lack of logic.
After all WHY? Why go through a EUROmaydan which promissed chances of EUROintegration and than stay in Ukraine and complain about how Europe unfullfield it's promises?
Where is the logic in that?

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