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Our celebrations of ”the day of Victory 9th of may”

Our celebrations of ”the day of Victory 9th of may”

(or actually at this moment prepearing to celebrate)


This theme is open for all kinds and forms of selfexpression. It can be an avatar with symbols of victory, such as pins or similar as in posts of korishna, or a post were the attributes are given in digital format at the top of the post, as for example in post of sergey_luzan, or a post about war veterans, as for example post by tallisha_ost*. or a photo dedicated to veterans as for example in a post by groznof* If you have something similar to that, feel free to drop links!

as well as posts by: naskvozwatcher k_l_a_d  greedyspeedy  akv    and_terehov*ig_nafforizmusintelligent1988**

as you can see, every user that chooses to congratulate others with victory day, will recive a link to his profile, a mentioning in this post. It will be great if this action was suported by other users!
IMHO:The most important thing is to show that we, who are AGAINST fashism, are in majority here in LJ. It’s important to show that there is a majority of us who thinks that victory over fashism is something to celebrate!

This post is about the celebration! This post is about how people celebrate! Thouse who think that the victory over fashism is not something to celebrate, can go somewhere else.

Update: In comments I have been asked how we celebrate the victory over fashism in Sweden. We celebrate very multiconfesionaly and very multiethnicly. Prayers of memory, and the moments of silence/reminiscence in different reglious and/or non religious places. All are welcome regardless of nationality and religion as long as you want to remember the people who died while free world from fashism.  

Every year unfortunatley we are running out of St. George symbols, despite the fact that we are prepearing more every time. But demand still outreaches the supply. This year we have had also participation of danishspeaking. (Thouse who speak in Russian, Ukrainina, Swedish and a dozen of other languages have been participating since long time ago.)

F.ex.: in Gothenburg 9th of May 10.00 there will be a memory moment in Serbian church, which is open for everybody, regardless of confession. After that there will be a concert at another location - Runstavsg.9. After the concert there will be handing out of prices for winners of competition “65 years of peace in Europe”. Coffe and some pasteries will be serverd. The main organisor is Tatjana Rep, the leader of Ukrainian society in Sweden.

Also thanks for the congratultions on a victory day, recived in this LiveJournal from: crocusss  elenabyzova  ludmila_zhukova katrin_zinko  aprelena

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