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Syrian conflict: recomended reading&news brief

Syrian conflict: recomended reading.

reading beginers level:
For several months now eminent foreign policy analysts have been writing that Russia is looking for an exit strategy in Syria. The evidence suggests otherwise
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News: Davtoglu(Turkish PM) says "Turkey ll not allow Azaz to fall"

opinion , reply by Frazesco Strazi: didn't hear Turkey say that when Azaz fell to the Islamic State in 2013 .
I remember ISIS in #Azaz started putting beheaded heads of Kurds, Alawites on display 2 yrs ago, February 2014. Not a word from #Turkey then
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Opinion: Felix Krull, in conversation of salafist leaning famous German journalist Röpcke
"Turkey must have been told by NATO: if you go any further, then you go by yourself (and other allies like Saudi)"
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News: SAA is very close to cut ISIS area in N.Aleppo. After captured Teibah, its about only 5 km
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News: Latakia : SAA has captured Ballah village from Rebels, reaching Kinsibba South Valley natural defense
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News: Tal Rifat freed by SDF,Misqan came undr SAA ctrl.;
Kafr Nasih&Ahras ve already fallen ac.2some rep.Ac.2othersRfallin
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recomended Reading, about Hezbollah, medium dif. level:
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news: "Jordan wants US leadership, UN mandate and coordination with Russia before safe passage to Saudi forces to Syria ".
more here:
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recomended Reading, medium dif.level:
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recomended Reading, medium dif.level:
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recomended Reading, expert level:
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recomended Reading, beginers level:

great map: Map of SAA, Hezbollah advance towards Al-Tammourah

last but not least, black humor at it's best!
Elijah J. Maginer, Rai journalist: "We should be aware that the World is fighting under the title of "war against ISIS in Syria" while ISIS is moving to Libya, away from "these crazy".

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