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an exclusive interview w. Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt: "Russian students - welcome!"



We continue our series of interviews with interesting people so called -. "Five o'clock." Previously, we have had with us, the "five o'clock" guests: Russian Parliament's President Sergei Mironov / Сергей Миронов, Swedish Finance Minister Anders Borg / Андерс Борг. Now, we are proud to tell that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt .has joined us for “five o’clock”.

He gave us an interview during his visit to Malmö on September 14.

L. Pankratov (ruriktochkase):
Mr Prime Minister,
how do you feel about the fact that there has been an increase of Russian students in Sweden in recent years, and also about the fact that Sweden is becoming increasingly more important as an academic center for countries around the Baltic Sea?

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt:
It is a fact that we have always advocated an open exchange of knowledge and information.
We are pleased to see students coming here from Russia to study.
I would like to add that Sweden itself this year has sent a record number of students to various courses and exchanges abroad. From that perspective it seems to me quite natural that these investments and these policies are producing results.

Thus "Dobro pozhalovat '"? That is to say, welcome to all paying students?

Fredrik Reinfeldt:
Here I would like to note that Sweden is one of the last countries which has begun charging fees from foreign students.
It was a reaction. But on the other hand, the measure will help us to ensure the quality of education by increasing resources in this area.
And most importantly of all, yes of course

Come and study!
I wish students from Russia - Welcome!

Thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister, for giving us your time in the final days of the election campaign!

* Five-o-clock is over.

I would like to thank the press secretary Irina *, for her help in arranging these interviews. And finally, would like to add that this platform -, is open for the first 10 largest parties in Sweden (according to SVT). If you are representative of the appropriate level. If you are a press secretary or/and responsible for PR at the appropriate level - you are welcome to contact us! We will most certainly find a suitable form for the interview!
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